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                      and                           are leading brands of Satellite Receivers and Accessories from Dubai based Goldenline LLC.

The Company has been in the Satellite Equipment business since 1993 and specializes in the Direct To Home market. The Satellite industry by its very nature thrives on constant change, be it, technology, pricing, market trends, customer profile or competition. The

Since the early 1990's when the first satellite TV signal beamed down in the region, the Industry has been a story of stable growth, phenomenal technological advancement, diversification and now convergence.

We at Goldenline believe that the best days for our industry, for us and our partners are still ahead of us. The future seems transformational and we remain focused on delivering a richer experience to the customers who use our products.

Ensure that our brands represent the best in technological innovation, reliability and support.

Specialize in the Direct To Home equipment market instead of trying to do everything.

Offer a unique value proposition to our customer's that gives them a decisive advantage over competition.

A focus on continuous product development and improvement.

Build strategic alliances with the best of breed international Research and Development companies

Cultivate enduring partnerships with our customers based on dependable trust.

Provide unmatched sales and technical support to our Customers exceeding industry's best practice standards
About Us
fundamentals, however, upon which Goldenline was founded, have remained the same through the years:
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